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February 26, 2022

Science with practice in Agriculture

February 26, 2022

Land Use & Management Planning

February 26, 2022

Science with practice in Agriculture is what defines our precision farming #AfrostainFarmtech

Several farmers, usually ask me on why I focused so much on onion farming, this year

Well it is because if you can do it right from the start it wont disappoint you compared with other crops

..Even though its also a venture which can make you get heart attack easily if you are that farmer who always like copy-pasting things…

We once said you might aim to get 25 tonnes on an acre and still you get 3 tonnes which is very possible and i have personally witnessed this.. usually what happens is you just read from the documentaries and went on to try

That is why i say it is all science, you can get the best variety like Yellow Queen, Saturn, elad, Neptune or Irati but soil is exhausted..

…Remember for you to get 1tonne of that bulb onion you need to have
3kg of Nitrogen
2.5kg of potassium
0.8kg of calcium
0.8kg of sulphur
0.7kg phosphorous
0.4kg magnesium

then we go to micronutrients
Boron 130mg
Iron 170mg

And some more but our farmers who skip soil testing usually over apply phosphorous and as you can see from the values above bulb onions require a lot of nitrogen followed by potassium, calcium, sulfur then phosphorous comes in.

In fact many do not know some nutrients yet “essential” that is boron and sulfur. If your crop lack these, calculate with the intended yield then subtract that tonne each gives.!

The the other thing is even if each nutrient is needed by your crop if you happen to feed it at the wrong time your crop will end up with physiological disorders.

Then, for you to achieve the 25 tonne per acre, you must be ready with the right fungicides, pesticides, checking on the spacing of your onions no way you can do 15cm inrow then get that tonnage,! plant eight lines in a bed to be served by four driplines,

There’s no way you can plant 1kg in acre then expect 25 tonnes you must plant over 1.5kg and it must have germinated over 90%,

Then consider irrigating your crop sustainably for you to expect that tonnage as well.
We have put a detailed information sheet on our website and Facebook page

In other words it is not a miracle that you will get 25 tonnes per acre you need to follow religiously the Good Agronomic Practices which we usually give out.

The good part is on 27th of February our team has a special training for you and all you need to do is pay us$10 to get trained online!

Click here to register and wait for the day:-

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Commercial farming in which precision farming farming is an active Ingredient is not a prophesy which awaits fulfillment. It’s a program of action .Not kick & hope nor kick & rush.

Happy farming 📈